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How Can We Help You

Home Owners

There are projects in and around every home, and during every season that we all need help with.


Now you have someone to call that has a full arsenal of skills for both your Residential & Commercial Building and Grounds Maintenance needs!

Other Services Available 

There's only one of you and the project(s) you want to do needs an extra pair of skilled hands.

What do you do? 
That's Easy!

I can work with you to get your project done the way YOU want it done and on YOUR schedule! 

I offer half and full day rates.

Caretaker Services

Full 4 season service.  From opening your seasonal home and getting it ready to walk into, to putting it to sleep in the off-season, you'll be glad it only takes one call.
Checking your property weekly is also available. 

What a valuable asset in your corner!


Faucets, Toilets, Showers and Drains Repaired

Appliance Maintenance and Repair

Plaster and Sheetrock Repair

Interior and Exterior Painting

Locks Installed, Repaired or Replaced - I even offer basic locksmithing services, such as re-keying on the most common brands of locksets

Door and Window Repair

Ceiling Fan Repair

Safety Rails Installed

Custom Screens made (wood and aluminum frames) and Old Ones Repaired/Re-Screened

Decks, Stairs and Railings Repaired

Lawn and Garden Machines Repaired, Winterized or Prepared for Off-Season Storage

Some of the Machinery Serviced: Lawn Tractors, Mowers, Weed Eaters, Chain Saws, Leaf Blowers and Snow Blowers

Landscraping,Mulching and Tree Maintenance

Basement/Garage Cleanouts

And So Much More!
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